Where I'm From (Chattanooga) [Prod. by Big Los]

by Swerzie

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UNDO is the crew.




Chattanooga.. Tennessee.. 423 *Big Los On The Track Boy!*


In my city, wild as fuck

Chattanooga where I'm from

Talk that shit you better run

Fuck the opps we 30'd up

None of my niggas give a fuck

Diss on Chatt and you'll be done

Chattanooga where I'm from

Chattanooga will fuck you up (2x)



Rep it even if I blow up TNT

Feelin like a muthafucking diety

When I'm hopping on the track like a DMV

I defeat deceased when I release the heat

These niggas say they legends but ain't shit to me

They ain't compared to the ChattaTennesee

My city on the rise we're reaching overseas, God damn..

Now I'm really feeling like the man

Coming from the bottom & the top is where I am

Known in Chattanooga but around the world it spans

Nigga God damn.. They know the biz

They know better than tryna write a diss

Chattanooga bouta be above the list

Because we're going ham but I dont fuck with pigs, God damn

I can't breathe all on my t-shirt

Flow put you niggas in seizures

Eating you rappers like desserts

Chatt burning up like a fever

My city will never stop now

UNDO is the crew dot com fuck with our sound

Got enough money I can go & fucking dropout & I swear my city be the hardest in the fucking compound, bitch!



released March 23, 2015



all rights reserved


Swerzie Chattanooga, Tennessee

chattanooga, tn

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